Bronco Startup Challenge Alumni Start Shipping Gourmet Vegan Treats

CBA Dean Rolland with Quants co-founders holding 3rd place certificates at 2018 Bronco Startup Challenge


The 2018 Bronco Startup Challenge third place finishers have taken the next step in launching a vegan bakery service after announcing shipping of the boxed treats would begin immediately.

Quants Bakery is a 100-percent plant-based baked goods service co-founded by Cal Poly Pomona physics graduates Lauren Keyes and Sean Etesham awarded $2,500 during for its podium finish at the annual PolyFounders event attracting the university’s top entrepreneurs.

The two started Quants as an affordable, enjoyable option the, "Dearth of vegan snacks available.”

Prior to the 2018 event, the Quants creators participated in a Startup Academy hosted by the Student Innovation Idea Lab where they further developed the concept for a food delivery service catering to vegan foodies.

The academy was a turning point for Quants after the realization a passion for living a healthy, sustainable plant-based diet could turn into a positive business and social venture. The iLab’s director, Dr. Olukemi Sawyerr introduced the aspiring bakery owners to future mentor Matthew Ryczek, the marketing director with Idea House & Co. Lauren and Sean also met Audrey Quinn, the current marketing director for Quants. Ryczek and the Quants crew remain in regular contact.

Watching as customers tried Quants for the first time was a major motivator. Another residual of the Startup Academy is the core of a business model Sawyerr helped develop.  Both will work on growing the Quants brand while studying for post-graduate degrees.

In addition to a mail-based subscription service, Quants offers delivery to Claremont and surrounding communities. Bulk pricing is available for coffee shops and similar establishments.