Three Resources for CBA Students to Find Scholarships

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Figuring out how to pay tuition is an issue most college students will face at some point. Student loans can defer the stress, but a nice thing about scholarships is they don’t need repayment.

Members Only Club

True Story: In a deep, dark corner of the CBA website exists a page of scholarships available only to Cal Poly Pomona College of Business Administration students. Yes, instead of competing against millions of other applicants, you’re only up against your CBA peers. If you want to thin the heard even more, most departments have additional opportunities under the “Current Students” section limited to students majoring in a particular emphasis.

Keep in mind, timing is everything. CBA-specific scholarships usually start getting posted in early March and will continue being added through the May application deadlines. Check back weekly for new additions and most importantly scholarships are available for various income levels and backgrounds. Explore and don’t count yourself out before trying.

University Resources

The complete list of Cal Poly Pomona scholarships is available on the Financial Aid website. We put together this brief guide to maximize the browsing experience:

  1. From the Financial Aid homepage, click "Apply for Grants, Loans and Scholarships," located in the lefthand toolbar.
  2. Once on the "Apply Page," click on scholarships in the main text for a list by type.
    Screen shot of Financial Aid Apply For Grants page with yellow arrow pointing to highlighted green area with "click to apply" and another arrow in the main text with "Step 3: Select Scholarship
  3. Click on either Bronco Scholarship Application link where you will be prompted to sign in
    Screen shot of Financial Aid Scholarships page with arrows pointing to Bronco Scholarship Application in the first bulletpoint with caption click to see what' available (either link)
  4. Use the Bronco ID and password to log in. Enter required information then click on each scholarship title to view detailed requirements and eligibility.
    Screen shot of scholarships page with arrow pointing to sign in button in upper left corner of page and caption: Sign in with your Bronco login and complete your general application. Another arrow in the middle of the page points to scholarship links and says click for detailed information with Be Aware of Deadline in red box next to it
  5. Take time to search additional links for a rundown of other financial aid resources.
    Screen shot of Financial Aid scholarship page with arrows beginning at College and Department scholarships then spanning to Scholarship Search Engine

Outside Help

USA Today published its own list of nine valuable scholarship search tools. Similar articles from qualified media outlets like Wall Street Journal or Money Magazine can be of great assistance during the search for free college money.

BUYER BEWARE, a simple “easy scholarship money,” or “scholarships for rich people” search will likely turn up a lot of predatory lenders and bogus attempts to steal identity information. Do research before volunteering any information. Also, sound the sirens if any of link requires a “paid membership” or credit card number.