Abused Puppy to Receive Financial Support from Student Organization

Riley, a four-month-old puppy was found abused

The medical costs for an abused puppy found with chemical burns and a broken jaw continues to climb into five figures and a group of students at Cal Poly Pomona’s College of Business Administration is taking action to help cover the expenses.

Riley was four months old when ABC7 aired a story about his being abandoned in critical condition on the campus of a San Bernardino school. He was immediately rushed to Loma Linda Animal Hospital and continues recovering under the care of the same veterinarian used by student organization the Society of Contract, Law and Procurement’s advisor, Professor John Wyatt, III.

“It’s horrible someone could do this to an innocent animal,” president of SLCP Philine Tran said. “When we heard the story, we wanted to do something to help.”

The initial round of medical treatment Riley received in Loma Linda were paid by the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. Due to the severity of abuse, Riley is expected to require additional costly medical procedures and the orphaned pooch has no owner to pick up the bill.

When SLCP members heard about Riley and watched the heart-crushing news clip, its executive board set out a plan to contribute to the medical costs while raising awareness about animal cruelty in the process.

In less than two weeks, the SLCP GoFundMe page for Riley has collected almost $150. Club members have been asking for support during meetings and at events. Riley's CBA supporters have even tabled during U Hour to fundraise for the Labrador mix with hopes of justice being served.

“These criminals that did this are still at large and poured acid on another puppy,” Wyatt said. “I know all of the good people involved and know every dime raised will go to help the dog.”