2013 Commencement Speaker Authors Book on Fear of Public Speaking

View from stage at 2015 CBA Commencement


When Roy Rosell (International Business and Marketing) stood at the podium during the CBA’s 2013 Commencement in front of an audience of 15,000 people, he admitted he had a fear of public speaking. Five years later, the experience has turned into a book.

“Scared Speechless: My Crazy Journey to Mastering Fear,” hit the Amazon marketplace earlier this month and in it, the 2013 McPhee Scholar draws on overcoming one of his deepest phobias in time to address his classmates and their families.

“Before Commencement, I suffered from a crippling fear of public speaking,” Rosell said. “The battle to overcome it has come full circle as I’ve the published recounting my journey.”

Rosell’s book outlines his personal story and reveals tips and tactics to help them be readers become speakers. The footage below shows Rosell’s actual speech with the story of how his goals for the future and his potential to succeed were more important than fear.

While an undergrad, Rosell interned with Fox Sports and embarked on an entrepreneurial venture called interYOU. Since graduating, Rosell has tackled various professional marketing roles, including his current gig at The Argon Group. He reached out to Associate Dean Guthrie as soon as his book was available to the public.

“It’s really a dream come true for me,” Rosell wrote to Guthrie. “I have fond memories of interactions with you and wanted to share the good news as you had an impact on my life.”