Where are our TOM/EBZ Alumni?

  • Heather Hernandez

    Heather Hernandez

    Class of 2017

    Quality Assurance Engineer

    Major Automanufacturer

    "I am very proud to be a TOM Alumni! As a TOM student I learned essential theories that have enabled me to be a strong voice and influence in Automotive Quality Logistics. From my studies, I am able to better value Quality Function Deployment in the design of both the product and the process as well as understand the criticality of assembling the appropriate team for successful vehicle launches."

  • Aldwin Verzosa

    Aldwin Verzosa

    Class of 2017

    Senior Specialist - Technology Development Program


    "The TOM Department provided a lot of hands-on experience. It really helped prepare me to handle real-world business scenarios."

  • Jesus LopezAlonzo

    Jesus LopezAlonzo

    Class of 2017

    Senior Specialist

    ATT - Technology Development Program in Integrated Planning and Operations

    "The TOM program is well designed and challenging, which has also prepared me to be a competitive employee in a company that hires the top students from Universities across the country. Finally, my managers were impressed by the proficiency that I can utilize tools like Excel and SAP, which these skills I have gained from the TOM department. The department will provide the tools which you have to take advantage of in order to be successful in your future position."

  • Ryan Masad

    Ryan Masad

    Class of 2016

    Manufacturing Data Analyst

    Niagara Bottling, LLC

    "TOM classes have prepared me for this work immensely. TOM 309 went over ABC classifications, and I have created and implemented this classification. I have also done a min-max which uses EOQ related courses. I also use statistics to a great extent."

  • Greg Boucher

    Greg Boucher

    Class of 2016

    Niagara Bottling, LLC

    LDP Fellow (June 2016), Intern (June 2015)

    "What I enjoy most about Niagara is the innovative work environment and a company-wide commitment to the development of its employees. The TOM Department prepared me for this role through uts dedication to sponsoring network events, providing hands-on experience with key business processes, and emphasizing peer collaboration."

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