Dr. Shuo (Sean) Zeng, Ph.D.

Sean Zeng

  Email: shuozeng@cpp.edu

  Website: http://www.cpp.edu/~shuozeng

  Department: Technology and Operations Management

  Title: Assistant Professor

  Phone: (909) 869-2461

  Fax: (909) 869-2466

  Location: 164-1015

  Affiliation: Faculty

Research and Teaching Interest:

Dr. Zeng received his Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from Eller College of Management, University of Arizona in 2015. He also received a M.Eng. in Computer Science in 2007 and a B.Eng. in Automation in 2004 from Tsinghua University. His teaching interests are operations management and information systems. His research interests include the application of game theory in operations management, principal-agent service contract analysis, and business analytics in e-commerce platforms. His work has appeared in journals such as IEEE Intelligent Systems, Expert Systems with Applications.

Selected publications

X. Xun, S. Zeng, and Y. He, The Influence of E-services on Customer Online Purchasing Behavior toward Remanufactured Products, forthcoming 2017, International Journal of Production Economics (http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijpe.2017.02.019)

Zeng, S., Dror, M. “Formulating Principal-Agent Service Contracts for a Revenue Generating Unit,” Springer, 2015.

Chen, Y., Fan, Z. P., Ma, J., & Zeng, S. (2011) “A hybrid grouping genetic algorithm for reviewer group construction problem,” Expert Systems with Applications, 38(3), 2401-2411.

Liu, Y., Chen, Y., Lusch, R., Chen, H., Zimbra, D., and Zeng, S. (2010) “User-Generated Content on Social Media: Predicting Market Success with Online Word-of-Mouth,” IEEE Intelligent Systems, 25(6):8-12.

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