Event Planning

Event Planning Presentation Link


  • “Top 5 Reasons why you should plan a volunteer event for your club or organization.”  Having trouble convincing your group to serve? This one-page article outlines 5 top reasons to engage your community!
  • “Service Brainstorming Tool” Don’t know where to start? Working through these questions with your e-board will help point your group in the right direction!
  • “Volunteer Project Timeline” It takes a good 6-8 weeks to plan a successful volunteer event. Stay on track with this vital tool.
  • “Cal Poly Pomona Approved Community Partners” The first thing you need to do before moving forward with project planning is to ensure your Community Partner has a current MOU on file with CCE. This list is our most up-to-date list of approved community partners. (If the partner you want to work with is NOT on this list, CONTACT CCE IMMEDIATELY to begin the approval process.
  • “Memorandum of Understanding” For your reference only. If needed, the CCE will facilitate the execution of these agreements with your potential partner.
  • “Working with Community Partners | It’s not about You!” This is a very important article that outlines how we should approach and interact community
    partners. The CCE  works diligently to maintain high-impact and reciprocal partnerships. Please read this prior to contacting partners on behalf of Cal Poly
  • “Sample Volunteer Sign-Up sheet” Keep track of club members who register to serve with you!  This will keep all the contact information you need all in one place!
  • “What to wear and bring to a service event” This list outlines the most important things your volunteers will need to bring to serve.
  • “Volunteer Informed Consent Agreement” This is the most important document—as it MUST be signed by every volunteer prior to their service, and returned to 1-108 within 48 hours of your project.
  • “Project Day Checklist”  Are you ready for the big day? This checklist will help you know for sure.
  • “Debriefing 101” Reflection, or debriefing, is one of the most important parts of a service experience. It helps participants process and learn from their experience, it also brings groups closer together. This guide gives a sample format and questions to lead a successful debrief.
  • “Service Project Evaluation Survey” How did you do? Have volunteers complete a brief survey—the data you collect with help your plan your next event! And remember—there is no positive or negative feedback—it is all just data. Don’t take it personally—learn from it!
  • “Professional Skills Matrix” This is a great additional resource if you are looking to help your group members connect their skills, passions, and talents to future service opportunities or a career.
  • “Additional Links” Links to our social media sites. You would be amazed how powerful a tweet or Instagram picture of your service project is in recruiting future bronco volunteers! Multiply your efforts…just hashtag #cppcce and/or #broncovolunteer