About Co-Op Education


Cooperative Education is a long term paid internship/educational program designed for students who want to obtain practical work experience while pursuing a degree. 

This program prepares students for the work force by combining academic knowledge and work experience to produce an overall learning experience.

  • Students must apply for the Co-Op position (see details STUDENT link)

  • Co-op positions usually last a minimum of two quarters

  • Part time (20rs/wk) during the academic year or full time (40 hrs/wk) during the summer),

  • Generally located in Southern California 

  • Offer a broad salary range depending on the company and student academic standing, grades and experience. 

  • There is no fee to participate in Cooperative Education  Program however, students hired through the program must enroll in a Co-op/Internship course to obtain credit

  • Co-Op/Internship courses are typically a 1-2 units.

  • Companies usually prefer junior or senior applicants, but occasionally sophomores are requested with minimum 2.0 GPA

Benefits to Students:

  • Making Connections with those in the industry

  • Provides students with a competitive edge over others who have not had previous experience in their field of study

  • Develop skills by bridging the gap between theoretical study and the professional world during the co-op assignments

  • Become professionals who can take their learning in the classroom and adapt it to the workplace

  • Have co-op program course on transcripts 

  • Gain self-confidence and motivation and develop expertise in interacting with people

  • Improve level of job and salary offers upon graduation

  • Develop professional behavior

For more information, and to enroll in our program, please click on the STUDENT page.

Benefits to Industry Partners:

  • The opportunity to engage with our most ambitious and enthusiastic students

• Allowing students to explore new ideas and methods

• Provide the opportunity to develop students in your particular methods and processes

• Enhancing the “learn by doing” education philosophy due to the work experience offered by the partnership.


 For more information about our program, please click on the Industry Partner page.

 You can also visit our office in Building 1, Room 318, email M. Christina Moreno-Donato at co-op@cpp.edu, or call (909) 869-4637