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Industry Partners

Cal Poly Pomona's mission is to advance learning and knowledge by linking theory and practice in all disciplines, and to prepare students for lifelong learning, leadership and careers in a changing multicultural world.

The Cooperative Education Program is designed for students who want to obtain paid practical work experience while pursuing a degree. Co-op prepares students for entry into the work force by offering opportunities for practical hands-on training prior to graduation. This on-the-job training gives the co-op student a competitive edge over others who have not had previous experience in their field of study.  Students hired through Co-op work in conjunction with course enrollment to receive Co-op credit.

What sets us apart from the rest is our integration into the Center for Community Engagement.  The CCE’s mission is to advance a culture of meaningful engagement by promoting service-learning, volunteering and cooperative education through sustainable partnerships with community and industry.

The Center’s goals are to enhance faculty community engagement and scholarship; Encourage student participation on campus and community engagement; Strengthen community partnerships through active participation and reciprocity; Support campus partnerships that promote civic engagement and increase visibility of the CCE on campus and in the community

Because of Co-op’s integration into the Center for Community Engagement, companies get students that are not only academically prepared but see the value in community service, volunteering and social justice issues.  Our students are better equipped for a world of diversity and inclusion.

What makes us unique is that Cooperative Education recruits on campus and off-campus students.  We consider ourselves a one-stop shop.  Industry Partners working with Cooperative Education can count on a large pool of very qualified candidates from over 25 different universities.

How does my company benefit from Cooperative Education?

  • Co-op students allow flexibility in staffing needs by freeing up higher paid professionals to do more important work
  • Co-op students can assist companies with fresh ideas, new strategies and techniques
  • At the same time co-op students become excellent company representatives and recruiters on campus
  • A co-op student becomes more productive sooner as a permanent employee than a regular college graduate without experience
  • It provides companies with a cost effective way to hire young, educated and eager new talent

What Colleges Participate in the Co-op program?

Co-op currently offers internships in College of Agriculture, Business, Engineering, Environmental Design, Letters, Arts and Social Sciences and College of Science. We offer opportunities in over 25 different majors and growing.

What Salaries Do Co-op Students Earn?

The company determines student pay based on the student salary scale.  Competitive co-op salaries depend on a number of factors such as major desired, class standing, types of duties and level of work.

Currently, the vast majority of co-op salaries fall within $9.00-$15.00+ per hour depending on student experience and company needs.

When can Co-op Students be hired?

Co-ops can be hired throughout the year with the condition that students are able to register in the required Co-op/Internship course.  Deadlines for these hire dates will be provided in the Industry Partner Handbook.