How to Become a Co-op Industry Partner

What criteria is required to be a Co-Op Partner?

The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) serves to create, maintain and sustain partnerships with our local, regional and global community. We look forward to partnering with you to enhance the experience of students in their daily lives, classrooms and work environments.

To initiate a partnership with the department, the following criteria are required:

  • Site must      be a valid company or business
  • Site must      have a physical location or main office
  • Site must      provide on-site supervision of students
  • Site must      offer valid and beneficial Co-Op internships that are both challenging and      stimulating to students
  • Site must      provide student with appropriate training and/or orientation
  • Site must      work closely with the Cal Poly Pomona (CPP)Center for Community Engagement      (CCE) – Internship & Co-op Office, CPP Foundation and The Office of Research      and Sponsored Programs to initiate a Co-op contract

Please be advised that our Co-op Program CANNOT accommodate any company that conducts its business out of a private residence.

If you meet the Industry Partner criteria you may begin the contract process. 

Industry partners will work with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and Cal Poly Pomona Foundation Office to process the contract agreement. 

The Direct of CCE (Michael Millar) will serve as your liaison and assist were needed in the contract process.

Once the contract agreement has been initiated, a site visit of your location will be conducted by the Internship and Co-Op Analyst.