Current Students


Maintain enrollment in your Co-op class

Students please be sure to enroll in the required Co-op/Internship course for the appropriate quarter/semester in which you are working.  Please consult with your faculty advisor as to the most appropriate course for credit.  You can forward this information to the Co-op Coordinator via email at

Maintain part-time/full-time status

Please maintain your part-time status.  If your company site requires full-time student status, you must maintain full-time student status.

If your status has changed, please notify the Co-op Coordinator.  Not maintaining your appropriate status may lead to termination of your Co-op internship.

Contact Information

Please report any changes to your contact information.  You can do this by emailing your changes to the Co-op Coordinator or contacting our office at (909) 869-3434.  W-2's will automatically be mailed to the address on file.

Evaluate Co-op

Coming soon.