Engaged Faculty

2018-2019 CCE Faculty Fellows

The Center for Community Engagement is proud to announce those selected for the 2016-2017 Faculty Fellows Program. They will participate in a six-month workshop series to create a new service-learning course.  The Fellows ar

  • Dina Abdul Karim, Urban and Regional Planning
  • Giselle Navarro-Cruz, Early Childhood Studies
  • James Blair, Geography and Anthropology
  • Nicole Lambrou, Urban and Regional Planning
  • Robin Wilson, Mathematics and Statistics

2018-2019 Service-Learning Mini-Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the following faculty for being selected to receive a mini-grant to support their service-learning projects and/or scholarship:

  • Jennifer Alexander, Biological Studies
  • Michael Brown, Biological Sciences
  • Lydia Chen Shah, International Business and Marketing
  • Brady Collins, Political Science
  • Gilbert Cadena, Ethnic and Women's Studies
  • Analena Hassberg, Ethnic and Women's Studies
  • Amalia Llombart, Spanish
  • Teresa Lloro-Bidart, Liberal Studies
  • Omar Mora, Civil Engineering
  • Monica Palomo, Civil Engineering
  • Christina Owens, Kinesiology & Health Promotion
  • Maryam Shafahi, Mechanical Engineering

2018-2019 Service-Learning Faculty Listing

  • Jennifer Alexander, Biological Sciences
  • Estela Ballon, Liberal Studies
  • Michael Brown, Biological Sciences
  • Todd Coburn, Mechanical Engineering
  • Lydia Chen Shah, International and Business Marketing
  • Julianna Delgado, Urban and Regional Planning
  • Elizabeth Foster, Kinesiology & Health Promotion
  • Joyce Emilio, International and Business Marketing
  • Hend Gilli-Elewy, Interdisciplinary General Education
  • Aleida Gordon, Human Nutrition and Food Science
  • Mario Gottuso, Jr., Teacher Education
  • Barbara Harmer-Garcia, Kinesiology and Health Promotion
  • Analena Hassberg, Ethnic and Women's Studies
  • Gerald Herder, Engineering Technology
  • Rodney Hume-Dawson, Liberal Studies
  • Lisa Kessler, Human Nutrition and Food Science
  • Dohyung Kim, Urban and Regional Planning
  • Courtney Knapp, Urban and Regional Planning
  • Paul Knopf, Ethnic and Women’s Studies
  • Peg Lamphier, Interdisciplinary General Education
  • Amalia Llombart, English and Foreign Languages
  • Teresa Lloro-Bidart, Liberal Studies
  • Jawaharlal Mariappan, Mechanical Engineering
  • Kim Morton, Kinesiology and Health Promotion
  • Christina Owens, Kinesiology and Health Promotion
  • Monica Palomo, Civil Engineering
  • Jose Rodriguez, Jr., Urban and Regional Planning
  • Maryam Shafahi, Mechanical Engineering
  • Paula Solano, Theatre and New Dance
  • Gwen Urey, Urban and Regional Planning
  • Jessie Vallejo, Music
  • Priscilla Vetter, Kinesiology and Health Promotion
  • Dorothea Viale, Interdisciplinary General Education
  • Preeti Wadhwa, Management and Human Resources
  • Anne Wohlcke, History
  • Yan-Shu Zhao, Accounting