Dr. Susan Mulley

B.A./B.S.C., History/Agriculture University of Guelph, 1987
M.A., History University of Guelph, 1995
M.L.A., Landscape Architecture University of Guelph, 1998
Ph.D.,Rural Studies University of Guelph, 2007

Susan Mulley has initiated several major new research projects in the field of coupled human and natural systems including projects on food security/urban agriculture, water conserving behavior and perceptions of low-water use landscapes, wildland-urban interface and rural-urban interface issues, social justice and the landscape of the Coachella Valley, and vernacular knowledge and public-participatory GIS. In addition, she has initiated several publically-engaged scholarship projects including partnerships with Trust for Public Lands on the Ventura River Parkway and the Marks Ranch Historic Rancho; the State Coastal Conservancy on the Ormond Beach Wetland Restoration and Access Plan and the Santa Clara River Access Plan; the City of Escondido on the Escondido Creek Vision Plan; and the Santiago Creek Conservancy on the Santiago Creek Access Plan.

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