Information For Current Students

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Registration Dates & Times

When can I register?

The week before registration you can view your "Enrollment Date" in to BroncoDirect. Your upcoming registration date will be visible in the lower right-side of the page.

How was this date assigned?

Based on the number of units you have completed, (this does NOT include in-progress classes) you are given a date/time that ensures you have an opportunity to register for the classes necessary for graduation once you’re a Senior, and Graduating Senior.  

View the Registration Timeline.

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How do I check for holds?

You should check for holds every quarter. After logging into BroncoDirect, you can check your holds by clicking on Student Center. Your Holds will be on the right side of the page. All holds must be cleared prior to enrollment of any registration period.

What are the most common holds?

Common holds are:

  • Probation/At-Risk/Low Good Standing – Advising is required for all students who have a GPA of 2.20 or below. This advising session must be a regular scheduled appointment not during Drop-in hours. You can also sign up for a GPA Advising Workshop instead of an appointment.
  • Financial - The hold (e.g., accounting, housing, fees) will indicate who placed the financial hold. Contact the department that issued the hold or University Financial Services at (909) 869-4600.
  • Testing - If the student has not fulfilled certain required tests, such as the ELM, EPT or GWT, then a hold can be placed against his/her records. Contact the Test Center at (909) 896-3353.
  • Title IX - All California State University students are required to take Title IX online training. It is part of a system-wide effort to ensure that all students are provided a safe learning environment. Visit this page for more details: 
  • Emergency Contact Information - You must update your Emergency Contact Information. You MUST click the "Update" button to complete the change. After updating, the hold will be released in one business day, or if during a registration period, in approximately one hour. Here's a guide with more details.
What if I have a hold that's not explained above?

If, for example, you have a library, pharmacy or advising hold, you must go to the specific department to have your hold released.

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Unit Limit/Cap

How many classes can I take?

On the Registrar's website, you can view how many units you’re eligible to enroll in during each registration period. Most students are capped at 18 credits. View the timeline to see when you can register for more!

Can I take more than 18 units?

 The College will begin accepting Petitions to Exceed Unit Cap as early as two weeks prior to the Add/Drop period, or as soon as you’ve registered for 18 units.

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Advising Appointments

Who’s my CEIS Advisor?

CEIS students are not assigned a College Advisor but are able to meet with either/both College Advisors:

Marlene Melinte (bldg 94-287)

Berlinda Crawford (bldg 94-289)

How do I make an appointment?

Visit the "Contact Us" page for drop-in hours, and instructions on how to schedule a regular appointment.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Come prepared with your photo ID, your Advising Worksheet (if you have one), and a list of questions you plan to discuss.

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Peer Advising

How can they help me?

The CEIS Peer Advisors will share their knowledge and student expertise with you. They are available to help you with the many aspects of CEIS life:

  • Registration
  • Study and time management
  • Club involvement
  • Prepping for academic advising
  • Campus resoureces

 What are their hours?

Visit their page for the current quarter's hours: CEIS Peer Advising

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