Forms & Petitions

Advising Worksheets

They're the same format of the curriculum sheets, but easier to write on! Advising Worksheets

IMPORTANT NOTE: These worksheets do not replace your Degree Progress Report (DPR), but should be a reflection of what's on DPR, and notes about what areas need to be fixed on your DPR. Click here to request edits to your DPR.

Graduation Self-Check

Verify for yourself whether you're on-track for graduation with a Graduation Self-Check.

Grade Forgiveness

You may petition for grade forgiveness through repeating a course. When you ask for forgiveness for a course, the grade and the units will not be calculated into your GPA. The forgiven grade will appear on the transcript. However, after the grade forgiveness is completed the new grade will be used in the GPA calculation.

You are only given 16 units of grade forgiveness. It is your responsibility to seek grade forgiveness; it is not done automatically. You will complete the following form: Grade Forgiveness Petition

*Please note: You may only submit the Grade Forgiveness form after you have repeated the course and recieved a grade.

Petition to Exceed Unit Cap 

You may submit Petition to Exceed Unit Cap form: during Add/ Drop. To view the Add/Drop, please go to: . You will need to retrieve an Advisor's, Department Chair's, and Associate Dean's signature.

Other Forms