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MyPlanner - When will you graduate?
 Your Next Steps...    

If you have the To Do List Item that says "Individual Academic Plan", here's what you need to do:

Finish your plan for graduation using MyPlanner

Click here to view a video tutorial on how to use the MyPlanner tool.
Click here to complete a Graduation Self-Check.

Visit the Student Success Ambassadors to get help creating your graduation plan.

Contact your Faculty Advisor to schedule a meeting

Your FA will mentor you on careers and/or graduate programs. They will NOT review your plan for graduation however, so you can meet with them while you’re still finalizing your MyPlanner.

Find your Faculty Advisor (FA)

Click “Submit IAP”

This only needs to be clicked once. If you submitted the plan but did not complete Faculty Advising, a hold will appear on your record after Winter registration. This hold requires Faculty Advising before it will be removed.

 What happens after you click "Submit IAP"
  • Your MyPlanner will be reviewed by the College Advisors within 3-weeks during regular academic terms (Fall, Winter, Spring). Your plan will either receive an "Approve" or "Decline" from the advisor, based on their review.
  • If it’s declined they will email you with detailed instructions on what’s missing.
  • If it’s approved, your To Do List item will disappear within 1-business day.
 Quick FAQ's

Q: What if I need to make changes after I clicked Submit IAP?
A: Any changes that you do BEFORE an advisor has clicked “Approve” will be included in the IAP. However any changes done after approval will not be included.

Q: What if I need to make changes after it’s been Approved?
A: Keeping your MyPlanner updated is HIGHLY encouraged. Although you will only get one review/approval, your department is using your planner as a voting tool to understand how many seats and sections need to be opened for certain courses.

Q: What if I don't have the To Do List item but still want to get my plan reviewed?
A: We encourage all students to make a plan for graduation! Although MyPlanner currently only reaches Spring 2018, you can meet with an Advisor to prepare a plan for when future quarters are added to the tool.

 Where to get help with your plan for graduation:

CEIS Peer Advising & Career Center office:
  Building 94, Room 291 (Email)
  Find Peer Advising hours
  No appointment needed!

CEIS Advisors:
  Building 94, Rooms 289 & 287                    
  Schedule an Appointments

Student Success Ambassador office:
  Jasmine Tejeda (Email Ambassador office)
  Building 94, Room 247
  Find Ambassador Fall hours


MyPlanner Open Lab Days & Hours
 Check back in Spring 2018

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