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CEIS Peer Advising Program

The CEIS Peer Advising Program was designed in 2015 to enhance the current model of advising in the College and to expand services to more CEIS students. As the number of students in the College has grown, the team of Peer Advisors (PA's) has also grown. The team is comprised of experienced upper classmen who make a year committment to connect one-on-one with their peers, and offer guidance in registration and student engagement. Students selected as Peer Advisors will gain experience in leadership, teamwork, professional development in advising, and networking with faculty, staff and students to develop a community.

What you can ask a Peer Advisors:

  • Their experience taking classes
  • How to resolve registration issues
  • How to Interpret policies
  • How to connect with campus resources
  • How to prepare to meet with College Advisors
  • Tips on how to be an organized student
  • Time management techniques
  • How to connect with faculty

How to meet with a Peer Advisor:

Office hours (no appointment necessary)

Peer Advisor Bio's
Become a Peer Advisor

CEIS Peer Advising & Career Center
Office: Bldg 94, Room 291
Email: ceispeeradvisors@cpp.edu
Phone: 909-869-6758
Peer Advisor Biographies