Education Alumni Group

The Education Alumni Group was founded because there was a need for continuing education for Cal Poly Pomona alumni as well as local educators. Since its inception, the Education Alumni Group has brought prominent education speakers to Cal Poly Pomona, held events to engage alumni and community members in hot topic K-12 issues, and shared experience from the field with current students and recent graduates. The Education Alumni Group will continue to ensure that our alumni and other local educators stay current with trends in education and have the training necessary to promote success in the classroom for both the student, teachers, and administrators.

The Education Alumni Group have had a successful year with presentations on Common Core State Standards, and have appreciated your support at these events. This summer, the Education Alumni Group is having a series of meetings to plan for the 2014-2015 academic year. We want to invite you to join the conversation! The Education Alumni Group is excited to welcome you back to Cal Poly Pomona, and we value your input. Whether you are a new to the field of education or a seasoned vet, everyone has something valuable to contribute to the conversation!