CEIS e-Newsletter: Spring 2014

As the celebration of Cal Poly Pomona’s 75th anniversary comes to a close, it is a good time to reflect on what has been a very active year. Beginning with our Open House in October, we welcomed alumni, students, faculty, and staff to our "new" home! If you haven’t had a chance to stop by and see how we are transforming buildings 6 and 94 into student friendly spaces, come visit us! Carrying out the theme of a year of celebration, each department hosted an event that honored the past, celebrated the present, and visioned the future.

Our students took center stage all year through many activities: EWS students participating in research conferences with faculty mentors, Liberal Studies students volunteering at local schools, IGE students helping to clean up local parks and cemeteries, and Education students hosted family science and literacy nights at local schools.

In spite of being a very busy year including some unexpected challenges, the College of Education & Integrative Studies has again graduated an outstanding class of GEMS and Liberal Studies majors along side Masters degree candidates who have completed important projects focusing on improving student achievement. Our highly sought-after credential candidates are now experiencing a markedly improved job market with districts projecting a teacher shortage as early as next year.  The job market and graduate school future is looking bright!

Our Education Alumni group has hosted very timely professional development events this year. In the Fall, we welcomed over 250 students, alumni, and community members to participate in panel sessions on the Common Core State Standard, impact of technology on CCSS, what to expect at each grade level, and what administrators can expect during the transition. As a result of the fall event feedback, the Education Alumni group hosted an additional event centering around CCSS assessments and technologies. For upcoming events in the alumni group, go to our website and click the Alumni & Friends tab.

Looking ahead for the next 75 years, our biggest challenge near term challenge is the conversion from the quarter system to the semester system.  In doing so, every CSU campus will be on the semester calendar.  For us, the conversion means changing absolutely every course, degree, and credential program.  Every business process, information sheet, advising information will have to be recreated based on the new programs.

While this is an enormous and daunting task, it is an opportunity to re-vision our programs in a way not previously possible.  The only rules in this reimagining process are to retain compliance for university accreditation.  It is exciting, scary, and invigorating.  The go-live date for the semester system is fall 2018. We will keep you posted!

Thank you to all of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors, volunteers and friends for your continued support ad advocacy for all we collectively do for others.

Dr. M.G. (Peggy) Kelly, Dean
College of Education and Integrative Studies