Our highly qualified faculty, graduates from some of the nation’s finest universities, bring firsthand knowledge and administrative experience to their interaction with you. 

Their wealth of expertise as educators and educational leaders enables them to draw upon practical knowledge as they integrate research and personal experience into the classroom.

Program Directors

Portrait of Betty  Alford

Betty Alford

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Office: 94-281
Phone: 909-869-4822

Portrait of Nancy Sanders

Nancy Sanders

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Phone: 909-869-5105

Core Faculty

Portrait of Amy Gimino

Amy Gimino

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Associate Professor
Office: 94-281
Phone: 909-869-4822

Portrait of Dennis Jacobsen

Dennis Jacobsen

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Office: 94-279
Phone: 909-869-2313

Portrait of Shahnaz Lotfipour

Shahnaz Lotfipour

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Office: 98-C4-22
Phone: 909-869-4822

Portrait of Richard Navarro

Richard Navarro

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Office: 94-277
Phone: 909-869-2081

Portrait of Jann Pataray-Ching

Jann Pataray-Ching

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Chair, Education Department
Office: 6-223
Phone: 909-869-2320