"The doctoral program at Cal Poly Pomona has provided me with additional insight, leadership strategies and critical thinking skills that are directly applicable to my work as a middle school principal.  Although the coursework is rigorous and I am being challenged with each new assignment, there is a strong sense of personal satisfaction that comes with learning at the doctoral level.  Additionally, the professors are supportive, masterful at communicating important content and willing to take the needs of the cohort into consideration.  This program is superb and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering pursuing an Ed.D."

Janelle Woodward
Principal in Residence, Leadership Insititue of Riverside County, Riverside County Office of Education

"The program has given me the tools and strategies to reflect as a school administrator. In just a short amount of time, I have grown professionally based on the classes I have taken. The knowledge we are acquiring is applicable to the work we are currently doing daily.  The professors demonstrate to us that they are going to ensure we succeed. I am excited to be part of this EDD cohort!"

Maria C. Rios
Director of Student Achievement, Baldwin Park USD