Bachelor's Degree Programs

Early Childhood Studies (ECS) Program

The early years are a critical time in that the care and education received during this period will impact children’s academic and social trajectories throughout their lives. The Early Childhood Studies program is distinctive because the major emphasizes the first eight years of life and the significance of this period in children's overall development.

The strength of the ECS program redoubles Cal Poly Pomona’s commitment to the value of diversity in preparing future practitioners to be integrative thinkers and model leaders. Over the course of their studies, ECS students gain appropriate knowledge, skills, and dispositions that reflect the perspective of quality, equity, and fairness in their work with young children and families. Based on an understanding of diversity as an asset to be cultivated and celebrated, ECS students are prepared to promote social justice within early childhood education and on behalf of the children and families they serve.

While at Cal Poly Pomona, ECS students study processes important for early childhood development and identify implications of theory in the examination and application of principles and practices within diverse family, program, and community contexts. Program graduates are prepared to work with infants and toddlers, preschoolers, Transitional Kindergarten, and the early primary school years (kindergarten through grade 3). Graduates are also prepared for careers in home visiting, family support programs, and other professional contexts that focus on working with young children and families.

Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP)

The Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP) is a combined 4-year bachelor’s degree and credential program for students desiring an Education Specialist credential. It allows students to receive their bachelor’s degree in liberal studies or early childhood studies, as well as their preliminary special education credential.  ITEP is a full-time program, but because it is more cost effective and time efficient, students can get into their own classrooms a whole year earlier than traditional programs. In response to the looming teacher shortages in special education and early childhood, the goal of ITEP is to help fill that gap and to provide a more direct route for students wanting a career that truly makes a difference and changes lives.