Teacher Candidates


  • This is the longest interview you will ever participate in! Be your best... Do your best... Be professional in every respect--- in your dress, oral language, written language, interactions, vocabulary, everything! As far as the school and parents are concerned, you are not a college student, you are a professional educator.
  • Remember - The focus is on your students and their learning. It is your responsibility to engage every student and to teach every student in a way that the student is able to learn. Parents have entrusted their best children you.
  • Even though you are presenting yourself as a professional educator, remember that you are a guest in the school. You are not an employee of the school or school district.

Time to get to work!

  • Communicate often and clearly with your university supervisor and cooperating teacher.
  • It is a good idea to cross-check the forms and resources your supervisor and cooperating teacher are using. Check their pages on the web site by using your back button and going to the link for each.
  • Be on time, be early.
  • Ask questions, listen, listen, listen... learn, learn, learn
  • Enjoy, learn, appreciate those wonderful young people! They are your future too. :)

Lesson Plan Format

The faculty in the Department of Education have created a lesson plan format to use in coursework and Clinical Practice. You may find that this format differs from and is more detailed than those used by your cooperating teacher. The common lesson plan format is designed to help you demonstrate that you are able to take into consideration all the necessary aspects of planning appropriately and comprehensively for your students. As you gain in competency through experience in your teaching over the years, you should find that this level of detail has become automatic is no longer necessary to record as part of your lesson planning process. However, your principal still may require a detailed lesson plan such as this for formal evalutions. Time to engage in the comprehensive planning process!

Cal Poly Pomona Lesson Plan Format (DOC)

Clinical Practice Forms

You may choose to print out each of the documents below or just access them off this web site as you need them. The documents under Clinical Practice 1 are presented in the order in which they would appear in the handout you received at orientation.

Clinical Pratice 1

Clinical Practice 2

  1. Plan - Teach - Reflect Cycle
  2. Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) (PDF)
  3. Clinical Practice 1 - Initial Meeting Checklist (DOC)
  4. Clinical Practice Scheduling Sheet (PDF)
  5. Class Profile
  6. School, Family, Community Resources
  7. Classroom and Procedures Checklist (DOC)
  8. Collaborative Conversation Guide (PDF)
  9. Self Assessment (DOC)
  1. Clinical Practice Scheduling Sheet (PDF) 
  2. Clinical Practice 2: Checklist (PDF) 
  3. Making Content Accessible - 1st & 3rd Observations (PDF) 
  4. Supporting Student Language Learning - 2nd Obs (PDF) 
  5. Clinical Practice 2: Mid Quarter Evaluation (PDF) 
  6. Collaborative Conversation Guide (PDF)
  7. Analysis of Case Study: Student Work 
  8. Clinical Practice 2: Final Evaluation (PDF) 
  9. Self Assessment (DOC)