Teacher Performance Assessment

1. As of July 2008, California statute (Chap. 517, Stats. 2006) requires all candidates for a preliminary Multiple and Single Subject Credential to pass a Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA). 

For more information, please visit The Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) TPA requirement site. 

The site includes:

  • Information on the TPA requirement 
  • Stakeholder information 
  • Information on the three approved TPA models 

2. Cal Poly Pomona has adopted the CalTPA model. 

For more information, please visit The Commission on Teacher Credentialing CalTPA website.

Multiple and Single Subject Candidates should visit this link for:

  • The CalTPA Teacher Candidate Handbook The CalTPA Tasks and Rubrics
  • The Updated Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs)

3. Teacher Candidates complete the CalTPA tasks in the following courses:

  • Task 1 TED 444 (Multiple Subject) , TED 446 (Single Subject) or TED 434 (PE)
  • Task 2 *TED 443 (Multiple Subject), *TED 432 (Single Subject) 
    • Teacher Candidates must pass Task 1 and 2 in order to be admitted to clinical practice. 
    • * Candidates that completed TED 443 or TED 432 prior to spring 2011 should contact the TPA Coordinator to develop a plan for Task 2 completion. These candidates may be admitted to block I of clinical practice, but must pass Task 2 to be admitted to block 2. 
  • Task 3 TED 440 (Multiple and Single Subject) Teacher Candidates must pass Task 3 to be admitted to block 2 of clinical practice. 
  • Task 4 TED 441 (Multiple and Single Subject) Teacher Candidates must provide documentation of passing all four CalTPA tasks to be recommended for a credential.

4. Click here to view our annual CalTPA Calendar

The calendar includes:

  • Quarterly task submission deadlines
  • Quarterly early submission and resubmission RSVP dates and deadlines
  • Quarterly task 1 and 2 support workshops 
  • Quarterly remediation workshops

5. In order to have their tasks scored, Teacher Candidates must establish and maintain an active TaskStream account.

To access the TaskStream website, please visit https://www1.taskstream.com/

For support call: 1(800) 311-5656 or email:help@taskstream.com 

Candidates must adhere to CalTPA Code of Honor (PDF) and our department Scoring and Remediation Policy (PDF)

6. Teacher candidate submissions are scored certified CalTPA Assessors.

If you are interested in becoming a certified CalTPA Assessor, please visit the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Assessor Training and Registration site.

If you are interested in scoring tasks for Cal Poly Pomona, please refer to our 2015-2015 Call for Assessors and complete the 2014-2015 TPA Scoring Session Interest (Excel) and 2014-2015 Assessor Calibration (Excel) Forms

7. For further TPA-related information and support, contact: 

Dr. Amy Gimino
TPA Coordinator
Associate Professor
Email Amy Gimino
(909) 869-4915

Dr. Karen Glasgow
Lead Assessor & Remediation Specialist
Email Karen Glasgow