Teacher Intern Program

When qualified teachers are not available, school district often search for an individual who has either partially completed a credential program and shows great promise of being highly successful or an individual who has the subject matter competence, experience, and maturity to learn the craft of teaching while being paid as the teacher of record for a class. Cal Poly Pomona does not actively seek intern positions. Rather, teacher candidates come to Cal Poly Pomona once an intern position has been offered by a school district.

Teacher Intern Program

Cal Poly Pomona offers the following Teacher Intern Credentials:

  • Multiple Subjects (Bilingual Authorization Emphasis Available)
  • Single Subjects (English, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science, Social Science) (Bilingual Authorization Emphasis Available)
  • Education Specialist Mild/Moderate (Bilingual Authorization Emphasis Available)
  • Education Specialist Moderate/Severe (Bilingual Authorization Emphasis Available)

All programs are accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC)

Requirements for obtaining an Intern Credential

Individuals seeking an Intern Credential must:

  • Meet all California pre-requisite requirements (CBEST, Certificate of Clearance, Subject Matter Competence, prescribed coursework, etc.)
  • Gain acceptance into the Credential Program
  • Attend a Teacher Intern Program Orientation
  • Secure a teaching position within a partnership district
  • Review the Essential Requirements (PDF) for Intern Teaching

The Intern Program is generally completed during an intensive two-year period, which includes University study during the Academic Year. If all requirements are met at the conclusion of the two-year period, or sooner, the University will recommend the individual for a Preliminary Multiple, Single Subject, Bilingual Authorization, or a Education Specialist Credential.

Early Completion Options for Interns

An early completion option for teachers is available. Please contact Teacher Intern Coordinator, Nick Salerno for more details.