Program Overview

Course Requirements for Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential (63 Quarter Units Total)

Phase 1 - Prerequisites

Course Number Course Name Units
TED 405 Introduction to Contemporary Schooling (15 hours observation) 4 Units
GED 400/400L Foundation of Educational Computer Literacy 3, 1 Units
TED 406 Educational Psychology (15 hours participation) 4 Units
TED 407 Education in a Diverse Society (15 hours observation and participation) 4 Units
Subtotal: 16 Units

If you receive Financial Aid and require a minimum of 12 units each quarter, it is suggested you take the following 2 courses during Phase 3 or 4. However, these courses may be taken at any time. 

Course Number Course Name Units
EDS 403 Introduction to Special Education (15 hours observation) 4 Units
KIN 441 Health Issues in Schools 3 Units
Subtotal: 7 Units


Phase 2 - Core Courses

Course Number Course Name Units
TED 425 Theory and Practice in Mathematics Education 4 Units
TED 431 Theory and Practice in Science Education 4 Units
TED 451 History/Social Science Education & Integrated Arts 4 Units
TED 444** Theory and Practice in Language Arts Education (TPA Task 1) 4 Units
TED 443**

Theory and Practice in Literacy Instruction (20 hours observation & TPA Task 2)

4 Units
Subtotal: 20 Units

Phase 3 – Clinical Practice 1: These courses MUST be taken concurrently

Course Number Course Name Units
TED 427 Clinical Practice I 8 Units
TED 440 Clinical Practice and Performance Assessment (TPA Task 3) 2 Units
Subtotal: 10 Units

Phase 4 – Clinical Practice 2: These courses MUST be taken concurrently

Course Number Course Name Units
TED 429 Clinical Practice 2 8 Units
TED 441 Clinical Practice and Performance Assessment (TPA Task 4) 2 Units
Subtotal: 10 Units

Additional Credential Requirements

U.S. Constitution Requirement Completion of a course (with at least two semester units or three quarter units), in provisions and principles of the United States Constitution, OR an equivalent test. High School courses do not satisfy this requirement. Contact the Credential Analyst for course equivalencies.

**Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA): Students must have successfully completed the RICA Exam at the time of application for the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. Apply online at Please note RICA exams expire after 5 years. If you have not applied for and received your credential within this time frame, you will need to retake the RICA. When you take the exam, please arrange for Pearson to send your scores electronically to Cal Poly Pomona. Please also provide a copy of the original scores you receive in the mail.

TED 443 & TED 444 should be completed before taking the RICA (these two courses cover some of the content that is given on the test).