Administrative Leadership Program

California Preliminary and Clear Administrative Services Credentials

Serving as a school administrator in today's public schools is a demanding job. Taking on this role in an ever-changing environment calls for creativity, innovation, fortitude, collaboration, passion and much more. You will find that this will be the most challenging, rewarding, and invigorating time in your professional life.

The Administrative Leadership Program at Cal Poly Pomona was collaboratively developed with the input, support, and critical assistance of a team of public school administrators, many of whom continue to provide valuable contributions as part of our program advisory board. This collaborative approach is key to insuring that our candidates (you!) are consistently in a position to meet the current and future needs of today's ever-changing educational environment.

We offer a variety of Educational Leadership Programs that take you through the Preliminary and Clear Administrative Credentials, linking the credential into a master’s degree, and onto a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership.  Through your journey, you will experience the impact of our program motto:  “Preparing Educational Leaders for Tomorrow’s Schools Today”