Advanced Credential Deadline

(For Administrative Services Credential Program):

The Advanced Credential Program application deadline is:

    • Spring Semester 2019 – December 1, 2019

    • Fall Semester 2019 – July 1, 2019

Two-step University and Program Admission Procedures

First Step: Admission to the University is required before a student can be formally admitted to any Administrative Services Credential Programs. Admission begins with your application to and your submission of transcripts from the institutions of higher education from which you received your bachelor's degree, your teaching credentials and your masters (if you already have one).

Transcripts should be mailed to: 
Admissions and Outreach Office at Cal Poly Pomona 
3801 W. Temple Ave, 
Pomona, CA 91768

Second Step: In addition to and concurrent with University admission, credential candidates need to apply for admission to the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program. This is done by completing an Administrative Credential Application Packet (ACAP) which you can find here. The ACAP packet includes three letters of recommendation pertaining to the candidate's leadership potential, copies of valid Clear teaching or other relevant service credentials, proof of CBEST passage (or another valid proof of meeting the basic skills requirements as found in EC§ 44252 [b]), verification of a minimum of five years of successful full-time teaching or service experience (work in the fields of pupil personnel, school nurse, teacher-librarian, speech-language pathology or clinical/rehabilitative services with an employing agency as defined in CAC, Title 5§ 80054; or a combination of one of these and teaching) and a 3.0 GPA for the candidate's most recent 90 units of university/college work. (Note:  in specific instances, a candidate just starting their fifth year of teaching or providing another approved related service may enter the Preliminary ASC program with the approval of the Program Coordinator.)  Both the University and Preliminary ASC program admission procedures are summarized in the Student Resources section of this website.

Follow-up to the Preliminary ASC Course Sequence

Upon completion of the program course sequence requirements, candidates earn the Certificate of Eligibility which enables the candidate to seek an administrative position.  Once hired, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing will issue the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential which is valid for five years. Upon appointment, the candidates must enter a Clear Administrative Services Credential Program and complete the requirements within five years. It is important that the candidate complete all clear credential requirements within the five-year life of the preliminary credential.  Please note that the Certificate of Eligibility for the Preliminary ASC does not have an expiration date; the five-year period to complete clear credential requirements begins only when a candidate starts her/his first administrative position that requires the Preliminary ASC.