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Learning Outcomes

Below you will find the program standards reflecting learning outcomes for the Preliminary and Clear Administrative Services Credentials.  Please see the Master of Arts in Education and Doctoral Program sites for information pertaining to learning outcomes for those programs.   

Preliminary ASC; the California Administrator Proficiency Expectations (CAPEs) are the current standard for this credential; these 18 discrete standards complement the overall standards for California school leaders—the CPSELs—which are in turn are aligned with the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) standards; a comprehensive set of standards for school administrators that are used to prepare, license, and select administrators in most states.  The CAPEs also are supported by the California Administrator Content Expectations that detail specific areas of content knowledge for beginning school administrators.  Candidates in the Cal Poly Pomona Administrative Leadership program must be able to demonstrate competency in the CAPEs by the conclusion of the program to be recommended for the Certificate of Eligibility for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.

Download PDF of CAPEs(PDF)

Clear ASC; the California Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELs) are the sole basis of the clear credential program which currently is not on offer at Cal Poly.  The clear credential program is in a state of flux across California due to the significant changes that went into effect in several years ago.  The primary focus of the two-year program is individualized mentoring rather than academic coursework provided by a university, county office or other approved agency. 

Download PDF of CPSELs (PDF)

Student Related Forms

For an additional overview, interested potential candidates can download a pdf file of the PowerPoint presentation currently being used during recruiting for the upcoming 2018/19 academic year when Cal Poly converts to a semester calendar and classes begin August 23, 2018.