Check List for MA in Education Students

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  • Contract- All M.A. in Education students MUST have a course contract on file.  If you do not have a contract on file, please contact your advisor ASAP, to get this processed.  You will not be able to graduate if this requirement is not meet.
  • Graduation Writing Test (GWT) – All Cal Poly Pomona students must pass the GWT in order to graduate. Please see the Test Center for registration, test dates and other information. If you have previously taken the GWT at another CSU campus, you may submit a GWT Exemption Request Form (see link below) and submit this to the Test Center in Building 98, P2 004 or by email to

    Please follow special instructions listed on the exemption request form. The Test Center will let you know when your request for exemption is granted.

  • Graduate Academic Petition – This petition needs to be submitted for the following reasons:
a. if you have deviated from your original contract;
b. are transferring courses from another university or extended education;
c. requesting a course substitution (Example: your contract states GED 506 but you took GED 599 in place of);
d. adding or deleting a course
e. requesting to waive residency
f. change of status

g. requesting time extension

  • Petition to CHANGE/ADD Graduate Degree objective.  Students must be classified as graduate students in the MA Education program. If you are a credential student interested in continuing to the MA in Education program, you need to submit the Change Petition, to request acceptance to the program.  Credential students should not file a petition until they are in the last block of clinical practice. Please be sure to include the MA degree option in the petition form.  We are unable to process your petition unless you have indicated the option. 

    Options are: Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Multimedia, Education Specialist, Educational Leadership, and Reading Certificate Added Authorization (Fall 2019).  Please note that the Education Specialist option has three emphases: (a) General Studies; (b) Curriculum & Instruction, and (c) Diversity.  Also note: students should have an Administrative Services Credential before they are accepted to the Educational Leadership.

  • Advancement to Candidacy – All students need to file a Petition for Advancement to Candidacy form. This petition needs to have your “CHAIR’S” name along with your readers (members). The Chair of your committee must be a fulltime professor in the Dept. of Education. The readers/members must have a Master’s Degree and be proficient in your research area/field. Please be sure to indicate your anticipated graduation date.  In addition, the petition requires that you certify that you have met program requirements (a) completed core and elective courses, maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA; (b) successfully passed CEIS mandated modules for CITI certification; and (c) satisfied the University’s GWT requirement.

  • GRADUATION CHECK – Students are no longer required to submit an official request for Graduation Check.  Your degree progress report serves as your Graduation Check. The Registrar’s Office will do this automatically and will notify students by email.
  • Report of Culminating Experience – this form is submitted via Polydocs online. Your committee chair is responsible for submitting the RCE upon completion of your thesis/project.
  • Grades - Please be pro-active when it comes to your grades.  Check your unofficial transcripts for any RP’s you may have received.  You will need to have these cleared before your degree can post. 
  • ****GED 695/696 unit limit is 6****. You can only receive a grade for one 6-unit course of GED 695/696 per university regulations. If you take the course more than one quarter/semester, you will only receive a grade for one quarter/semester of the course. The other quarter’s/semester’s grade will be a No Credit (NC).  The NC grade will affect financial aid. Note: You will need to retake GED 695/696 if older than two years.

  • For additional questions, please email; or call (909) 869-3452; or drop by Building 6, Room 219.