Curriculum and Instruction

The Curriculum and Instruction Masters offers advanced preparation for teachers in leadership, classroom teaching, staff development, alternative education, program development and teaching in a diverse society. The program is designed for practicing educators to hone their skills and increase their knowledge in a specific area of the curriculum or pedagogical practice. The array of electives allows candidates to customize a program plan to fit both current needs and future plans as an effective educator.

A maximum of 9 semester units may be transferred from another university, if they were taken as a post-bach student and are graduate level (500 series or higher) and received a grade of a C or better. All Courses transferred must be petitioned and approved by the Dept Chair and the University's Graduate Studies Office.

Courses in Curriculum and Instruction

Quarter Program

Semester Program

Course Number

Course Title

Course Number

Course Title

GED 542/A

Curriculum & Instruction

ECI 5500

Expertise in Curriculum & Instruction

GED 504

Education of the Minority

ECI 5510

Diversity & Cultural Perspectives

GED 592/A

Learning & Instruction

ECI 5530

Leadership in Multicultural Communities of Learners

GED 595/A

Accomplished Professional Educator

ECI 5520

Application of Knowledge to Instructional Models


No quarter equivalent

ECI 5200

Expertise in Literacy Assessment & Application to Instruction


No quarter equivalent

ECI 5210

Expertise Sociolinguistics and Multicultural Aspects of Language and Literacy Acquisition


No quarter equivalent

ECI 5220

Planning for Literacy Clinics in Diverse Settings


No quarter equivalent

ECI 5230

School-wide Literacy Programs: Leadership and Development


No quarter equivalent

ECI 5240

Critical Literacy in Children’s and Adolescent Literature


No quarter equivalent

ECI 5250

Research and Evaluation: Program Evaluation and Assessments in Literacy


No quarter equivalent

ECI 5260

Advanced Professional Competencies


No quarter equivalent

ECI 5270

Integrating the Curriculum through Clinical Experiences


No quarter equivalent

ECI 5280

Planning, Organizing, Providing and Leading Literacy Instruction


No quarter equivalent

ECI 5290

Planning, Organizing, Providing and Leading Literacy Instruction

GED 599

Special Topics for Graduate Students

ECI 5990

Special Topics for Graduate Students

GED 690

Seminar in Educational Research

ERA 5900

Introduction to Graduate Studies

GED 693

Conducting Educational Research

ERA 6930

Evaluating, Understanding and Using Research Methodology

GED 695

Master’s Degree Project

ERA 6950

Master's Degree Project

GED 696

Master’s Degree Thesis

ERA 6960

Master's Degree Thesis

GED 699

Master’s Degree Continuation

ERA 6990

Master's Degree Continuation