Special Education

Master of Arts (M.A.) Degree in Education Special Education Emphasis

The Master of Arts Degree (with emphasis in Special Education) offers advanced preparation in the areas of mild/moderate and moderate/severe disabilities. Required and elective special education courses are closely related to course requirements in the Preliminary Credential (and the former Level I/Level II Credentials).

Please Note: The Master of Arts Degree (Special Education emphasis) alone does not provide authorization for classroom instruction in the State of California. The Education Specialist Credentials provide the required state authorization for teaching in the candidate's selected area of emphasis (mild/moderate or moderate/severe).

Steps to Apply for Admission to the M.A. Program in Education

Meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Bachelor of Arts Degree from an accredited institution and
    • Teaching Credential (Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Education Specialist) or current enrollment in a credential program. Students may only apply for admission to the graduate program at the conclusion of their first block of clinical practice, and
    • Minimum GPA of 3.0, and
    • Passing score on the Graduate Writing Test (GWT)
    • Foreign students must have a TOEFL score of at least 580.
  2. Complete the "Petition to Change Graduate Degree Objective" form (available from the Credential Service Office). Turn in the Petition form, your GWT documentation, and three letters of recommendation to Kelly Mitchell (Bldg. 6-220).
  3. If you have not taken or have not passed the GWT, arrange to take it the quarter prior to your admission to the graduate program.

Once you receive the official letter of admission to the graduate program, make an appointment with Kelly Mitchellto complete a Program Plan for the Master of Arts in Education contract.

If you are not currently enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona:

  1. Meet the prerequisites specified above.
  2. Fill out the CSU Graduate Application (online at www.calstate.edu/apply).
  3. Once you have received your letter of admission, make an appointment with Dr. Heather Wizikowski (hewizikowski@cpp.edu) to complete an MA Program Plan.

Courses in Special Education

For courses that are no longer offered, substitutions with current equivalent courses will be made through a petition process.  See the MA (special education) coordinator for additional information.

I. Core Specialization Courses — 20 Units

Course Course Title Units
TED 551 Special Populations 4 units
TED 553 Assessment of Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities 4 units
TED 555 Assessment of Students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities 4 units
TED 556 Curriculum for Students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities 4 units
TED 582 Introduction to Mild/Moderate Disabilities 4 units

II. Complementary Elective Courses — 28 units

Course Course Title Units
TED 530 Advanced Study of Moderate and Severe Disabilities 4 units
TED 589 Advanced Behavioral and Environmental Supports 4 units
TED 591S Leadership in Special Education Service-Learning 4 units
TED 554 Advanced Reading Seminar in Mild/Moderate Disabilities 4 units
TED 559 Advanced Seminar in Mild/Moderate Disabilities 4 units
TED 584 Organization and Management of Special Education Programs 4 units
TED 588 Introduction to Assistive Technology 4 units

III. REQUIRED Research Classes — up to 16 units

Course Course Title Units
GED 532 Educational Assessment 4 units
GED 690 Introduction to Educational Research 4 units
GED 693 Conducting Educational Research 4 units
GED 691 Directed Study 1-9 units

IV. Choose one of the following to complete your MA program

Course Course Title Units
GED 695 Master’s Degree Project 6 units
GED 696 Master’s Degree Thesis 6 units
GED 697 Comprehensive Exam 3 units