School Robotics Initiative (SRI)

The School Robotics Initiative (SRI) collaborates with classroom teachers to promote student classroom learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Since 2006, we have worked with elementary and middle schools in Pomona and Walnut Valley school districts to develop and implement an innovative robotics curriculum that supports emergent mathematical and scientific thinking, while targeting essential learning standards (i.e., the California Common Core standards for mathematics, and for English language arts; the Next Generation Science Standards, and the ISTE technology standards).

SRI currently serves approximately 700 students annually, who represent diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and achievement levels. During weekly classroom sessions, participating students develop expertise in robotics design, construction, and programming in preparation for the Robot Expo, an annual competition hosted by Cal Poly Pomona’s Department of Education in Partnership with the Fairplex.