Robot Expo

Mathematical Achievement

2015 Robot ExpoRobitcs Sumo Competition with 2 schoolgirls

Eyes brimming with intensity and locked in a steely gaze, the combatants switched on their robots to do battle in the LEGO Sumo Challenge. The robots maneuvered and attacked. In this brawl, the loser was knocked down.

The clashes and other competitions went on for three hours as nearly 200 students from six elementary and middle schools in the Pomona and Walnut school districts converged at the Cal Poly Pomona College of Education & Integrative Studies’ sixth annual Robot Expo at Fairplex on April 27.

While it appeared to be fun and games for the students, the competition aimed to ignite a passion for math: Mastering fractions, proportions, and algebraic reasoning are needed to program the robots, which are key components in new California learning and testing standards.

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