Semester Info for Ed Specialist Credential Programs

Semester Conversion will take place Fall 2018 when the University will be changing from the current quarter system to a new semester calendar. The length of a semester is 15 weeks, plus an additional week for exams, as compared to 10 weeks plus an exam week in the quarter model.  There will still be a summer session. For information on things like financial aid, parking fees, tuition, etc., please visit the university Semester Conversion web page:

Admissions Information

  1. Beginning Fall 2018, Ed Specialist program applications will be accepted and reviewed for both Fall and Spring semesters. Deadline dates for submitting program admission applications and supporting documents will be posted on the Department of Education website.
    1. Fall Semester starts on Thursday, August 23, 2018 (finals week is Dec. 10)
    2. Spring Semester starts Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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  2. Simultaneous University and program admission is required for students to be accepted into the Ed Specialist credential programs under the semester system. Candidates should apply to the University ( and the program at the same time. You must apply as follows:
    1. to CPP as a graduate (credential) student on Cal State Apply
    2. to the Credential Program available on Program Admission website

  3. Prerequisites for program admission:

    1. Updated CSET information: If you are applying for Fall 2018, you may submit your CSET scores after the March 1 application deadline.  Please submit all other materials by March 1 and submit evidence that you have registered for at least one section of the CSET.  Please contact the appropriate credential analyst with questions about the application and process.
    2. Early Field Experience Verification is a prerequisite and now a program admission requirement (candidates who already have a MS or SS credential are exempt from this requirement)
    3. Overall GPA of 2.67 (If you fall below this minimum requirement, an appeal can be submitted)
    4. Certificate of Clearance
    5. Negative TB verification
    6. Program admission application packet

  4. Both applications should be submitted by the deadlines below.

    1. Deadline for Fall 2018 is 3/01/2018
    2. Deadline for Spring 2018 is 9/15/2018

  5. All completed program applications must be submitted directly to your Credential Analyst by 5pm on the established deadline. Applications can be mailed to the attention of the Credential Analyst, scanned and emailed, or dropped off in person. Mailing Address: Cal Poly Pomona Credential Office, Attention: (Credential Analyst’s name), 3801 W. Temple Avenue, Pomona, CA 91768. 

General Credential Program Information

  1. In the semester programs, Ed Specialist courses will continue to be afternoon and evening courses, with start times at 4pm and 5:30pm, and will usually meet once per week. EDU 5302 will have both daytime and evening sections.
  2. Individual class sessions will be shorter (for example, 4-6:50pm in semesters, compared to 4-7:50pm in quarters), but the total time over the entire term is approximately the same. Some courses may be online or hybrid formats.
  3. ES credential semester courses are 3 units each, with the exception of Clinical Practice, which is 9 units.
  4. Full-time enrollment for credential candidates in a semester system is 5 courses (15 semester units).
  5. Minimum units for most financial aid is 6 units – contact the Financial Aid office for complete information.
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