Our Mission, Vision, and Values


We cultivate successful education professionals in a diverse community that practices innovation, discovery, and experiential student-centered learning.


The Education Department will be the model for preparing highly-qualified education professionals by inspiring creativity and innovation, embracing local and global challenges, and transforming lives through the integration of teaching, learning, scholarship, and creative activities.


  • Academic Excellence– We promote academic quality and excellence through relevant teaching, learning, scholarship, and creative activities with faculty who lead by example in an evidence-based culture.
  • Experiential Learning– Our polytechnic identity fosters an integrative approach to education through collaboration, discovery, learn-by-doing, and the innovative use of technology and other tools. We value critical thinking, reflection, informed risk-taking, and continuous learning.
  • Student Success– We are committed to educational experiences and supportive services that engage and challenge our students, build on student strengths and culture, enhance personal well-being and growth, provide career opportunities in education, and foster ethical citizenship.
  • Inclusiveness– Our diversity across multiple dimensions reflects and enhances our community. We are welcoming and respectful, and we value diversity. We promote social justice through equity, access, and advocacy.
  • Community Engagement– We foster reciprocal, meaningful, and socially just relationships with community partners and stakeholders in all spheres of education.
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility– As global citizens, our individual and collective actions reflect our commitment to one another, society, and the environment as we shape the future in positive ways.