GEMS (Gender, Ethnicity, and Multicultural Studies) Club exists to create a safe space for Cal Poly Pomona students by welcoming anyone regardless of their identities. In this space we educate each other and the campus about social justice/community issues and work together to create a better future for those to come. We host film screenings, fundraiser, and guest speakers for anyone interested about social justice causes on the Cal Poly Pomona campus. You do not have to be a GEMS major to join!

Mission Statement: To provide forum for discussion on topics surrounding gender, ethnicity and multicultural studies while fostering understanding, knowledge and individual growth.

Goals for the 2016-2017 Academic Year: 

  1. Establish a strong foundation for GEMS Club
  2. Recruit at least 15-20 members for Spring quarter
  3. Stay consistent with events each quarter and create opportunities for students to become involved with GEMS club as much as possible

Executive Board:

Jillian Furiga: Co-President: 

Ariana Afzali: Co-President: 

Gissell Verduzco: Treasurer/Membership: or 

Gerardo Murillo: Secretary: 

Jessica Garcia: CEIS Council Representative: or 

Andrew Yi: Publicity Chair: 

General GEMS club