Giving Opportunities

Forming the core of the College of Education & Integrative Studies, passionate faculty, staff, and students have dedicated their lives to their communities and the future of society. Our faculty, staff, and students work in the fields and communities that need it most.

Private philanthropic support is essential to the college’s daily operation and necessary for achieving its mission. Please contact us if you would like to explore any funding or giving options.

Thank you for your passion and support!

Help a student reach their full academic potential by supporting a department's scholarship fund, which helps students with tuition, books, etc.
$1 to $1 million

Partners in Education Fellowship
Partner is Education (PIE)’s mission is to support excellence in the preparation of future teachers at Cal Poly Pomona by providing financial assistance to students selected as fellows, enabling them to maximize their efforts during the critical quarter(s) of clinical practice. To find out more about the Partners in Education Fellowship, visit the Partners in Education website

$100 to $5000
IGE Arts Package (per student)
The Arts Package is designed to support students in IGE to attend visual and performing arts events around the greater Los Angeles area as part of the topics being studied.
EWS Alternative Spring Break 
Students follow the route of the underground railroad, visiting historical sites, having a living history and cultural experience. (Amounts are estimated per student)
Airfare $600
Hotels $600
Meals $200
Speaker Series
Create an endowment for a CEIS Speaker Series… The goal is high ($500,000), but we can start a series without an endowment for about $10,000. Get friends together to help us begin a college speaker series to bring top scholars and practitioners to campus.
Node Chairs 
We would like to replace those tablet armchairs with chairs that role, swivel, and link up to make flexible configurations in classrooms—at a moment's notice! One chair is $400.
Building 94 Terrace
Let's make the third floor terrace a great space for students to gather. We need tables and umbrellas that meet university requirements, just like those on the second floor patio. We need 15 umbrellas and 10 more tables.
Table (1) $600
Umbrella (1) $200
Upgrade Classrooms
Let's convert the writing spaces on our classroom walls to total whiteboard surfaces. To paint a wall with whiteboard paint is $200. The specialized paint is smooth and write-able with dry-erase markers—floor to ceiling, corner to corner.