Dr. C-R's Letter of Recommendation Policy

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        Even in this age of social media, companies, organizations and graduate schools prefer to receive direct evaluations of your skills, abilities and qualities from someone who has worked with you in a professional capacity. Professors are a great source for these. Most professors do not take providing these references lightly and require students to make an effort to establish a relationship beyond asking simple questions and attending classes.

A relationship is based on
· the quality of your work witnessed through your assignments, performance (e.g., leadership, enthusiasm and competency) in class discussion and activities, and
· knowledge of your professional goals and skills and general personal background gathered through regular conversations in and outside class time.

If you think you might ask for a reference from me in the future, begin by making an intentional and authentic connection through conversation and consistent and disciplined engagement in the course.

Eligibility Criteria for Request
Any individual requesting a reference must meet these criteria:

  • Completed at least two courses and received at least one A and no lower than a B in the second course, or completed (not currently enrolled) one course and receive at least a B+
  • Deadline for reference or letter is at least two weeks from time of request

Professional or Academic Reference
            To qualify for a professional reference (providing my name and phone number on an application or in an interview), individuals must first meet the above eligibility criteria. If so, please follow this process:

1. Email me. Request the use of my contact information as a professional or academic reference. Provide...

  • the title of the job for which one is applying,
  • the organization or company, and
  • the name of the person who may call (if known)

2.  I will reply within 24 hours as to whether or not I agree to be a reference.
CAUTION: Using someone as a reference without first gaining consent is a certain way to lose that person for any future references

Letters of Recommendation

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       The strongest letters of recommendation come from a person that knows you and your work well. Before requesting a letter of recommendation from me, make sure you qualify by meeting the eligibility criteria above.

I will not reply to requests by individuals who do not meet the criteria. If eligible, you may request a letter. In an email, provide the following:

  • Course(s) taken with me and when, grades for each

  • Deadline for letter

  • A description of the job position or program requesting a letter

  • Specific instructions for recommenders or a link to an online submission service

  • A resume

  • Any other pertinent information or details you wish addressed in the letter

  • Method for return of the letter (email, mail, pick up, online application)