Liberal Studies Career Feature

Liberal Studies Alumni Occupations: Real estate, Management and Financial is 13 percent, retail is 6 percent, computers is 3 percent, Office and administrative support is 10 percent, sales is 3 percent, community and social services is 6 percent, healthcare is 7 percent,Education support and other occupations is 10 percent, Education - teachers is 42 percent

Liberal Studies is an applicable degree to many careers for the intellectual skills, broad knowledge and flexibility it develops in students. The graph shows occupations some of our graduates (2005-2011) are currently doing. Here are some links that can give you information about liberal arts degrees and possible careers. 

While many of our graduates enter teaching, some pursue careers in other fields. View the videos of Liberal Studies alumni below to hear their stories about how a Liberal Studies degree helped them professionally and personally. Courtney Reddix,returning from a year of teaching in the Marshall Islands. Kevin Despard, Principal for Stanley G. Ostwald K-8 School in the Rowland Unified Schoo District Emily Mora, My Gym Owner and Director. 

If you are a Liberal Studies alumnus, we invite you to share your story with prospective and current students through a short video. Email Dr. Christina Chávez-Reyes at or call Rebecca Briseno at (909) 869-3567 to get the process started.