General Studies Option Description

map listing academic disciplines accompanied with a compass and the words
        This General Studies degree program is the only one at Cal Poly Pomona that allows students considerable flexibility partially to design their degree based on interests and passions compared to the Pre-Teaching Options.

       This option is structured in the tradition of a liberal arts degree where students take General Education courses across disciplines and Liberal Studies core courses to develop a multidicidplinary knowledge base and strong intellectual skills.

       Once students have identified an academic and career interest through this course work and other co-curricular activities, with the help of the academic, faculty and career advisors, they can select a concentration in a single discipline (e.g., Anthropology, Philosophy, Biology, Math) to establish an area of specialization. We also encourage students, in some cases, to do a few more courses to earn a minor in that area. This self-directed study is not for all students; it requires focus, discipline and a dedication to doing well in all courses to ensure successful career preparation, particularly if careers (social work, health or medical, law) require advanced (Masters) or professional degrees.

       Students should refer to their curriculum sheet and road map, as well as confer frequently with the Liberal Studies advisor regardless of career path to ensure timely and successful degree completion.