Pre-Credential Option

LS students in service learning working with high school student to construct a solar robot     

      This degree (BA in Liberal Studies, Pre-credential) provides prospective undergraduate teacher candidates with what they will teach (subject matter content), and readies them for the teacher credential program where they focus on how to teach that content (teaching methods).


      We are a liberal arts-based program that educates students using multiple disciplinary knowledge and perspectives through discussion and inquiry to understand self and society considering the complexity of the human condition, past and present. Our LS-prefix courses provide our majors to have  a "bigger picture" of self and society, locally, nationally and globally, necessary to understand and address real-world issues.

      First, with this degree, pre-credential students will obtain the coursework across academic disciplines (e.g., History, Sociology, Math, Art, Biology, etc...) is meant to prepare them with the content needed to pass the California State Exam for Teachers (CSET) to demonstrate subject matter competency to the California standards for multiple subject teachers (elementary education).

    Second, a liberal arts-based program will develop the intellectual capacities (critical thinking, interdisciplinary thinking, synthesis, ethical reasoning) and professional skills (written and oral communication) elementary educators require to implement equitable and quality instruction in heterogeneous California classrooms as well as to function as professionals with colleagues, administrators, parents and other community members.

     Given the university's polytechnic or learn by doing approach, the math, science and integrated arts courses combine content with methods, and the student-centered classes in LS core courses also provide students with collaborative learning, applied projects and service-learning--a high impact practice.

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