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College of Education & Integrative Studies

Program Information

What is the Liberal Studies Program?

        The Liberal Studies or liberal arts degree is not only one of the oldest university degrees but continues to be extremely relevant for 21st century living. Liberal Studies Department in the College of Education and Integrative Studies is committed to developing the traits of a comprehensive liberal arts education adapted for 21st century life.

         Specifically, the department emphasizes knowledge, dispositions and skills from a liberal arts education such as a sense of the past, a “vast catalogue” of knowledge across disciplines, inquiry skills, aesthetics, an ethical perspective, reasoning, independent thinking, civic responsibility, open mindedness, and connectivity (the ability to connect like and disparate ideas).

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liberal studies at cal poly pomona: Liberal and integrative learning, creative thinking, applied knowledge, civic engagement and soical justice, community and social diversity

        Unlike other departments, our faculty represent expertise in a variety of disciplines (history, literature, English, sociology and linguistics/education), which provides students with access to multiple disciplinary perspectives.

         The Liberal Studies faculty also value interdisciplinarity and are committed to student-centered instruction (activities- and discussion-based instruction to cultivate student learning) to develop students' intellectual curiosity and oral communication.

          Although some faculty may use traditional testing methods from time to time, most assignments require considerable writing, collaborative work and projects, and analysis (critical thinking), each important for success in the workplace and civic life.

            Click here to see a list and brief description of core classes taught by LS faculty.