Post Baccalaureate Programs

Credential Programs

Cal Poly Pomona’s Credential and Certificate Training Programs provide excellent opportunities for qualified candidates who wish to become teachers. The programs are designed to prepare candidates to effective teach K-12 students in a wide range of diverse settings that are characteristic of schools in California and elsewhere across our country. Our credential programs emphasize the integration of theory and practice, curriculum development, methodology, literacy and the differentiation of instruction for special needs. Cal Poly Pomona’s credential and certificate programs are fully accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. 

To find out more about the Credential Programs, visit the Department of Education: Credential Programs website. 

Masters Programs

The Master of Arts in Education is an advanced degree offered at Cal Poly Pomona. A minimum of 45 quarter units of acceptable graduate level work must be completed to earn the degree. Thirty-two (32) units of course work must be taken in residency. There are six emphases available within the M.A. program: Curriculum & Instruction; Curriculum & Instruction - Design-Based Learning; Educational Multimedia; Special Education; Educational Leadership.

To find out more about the Masters of Arts in Education Program,  visit the Department of Education: Masters Programs website.

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

The Ed.D. program in Educational Leadership is a unique program designed for P-12 educational leaders focused on transforming schools, turning around under-performing schools, and enhancing schools that are already succeeding. While technology is a part of our program, we pride ourselves on a strategic emphasis of face to face instruction valuing both the human connections and relationships essential to educational excellence and the personal, human support woven throughout our program. The program is designed for working professionals.

The doctoral program in Educational Leadership has been approved by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC), the California Post-Secondary Education Commission (CPEC), and California State University Chancellor's Office. We are ready for you and welcome you to Cal Poly Pomona!

To find out more about the Doctoral Program, visit the Department of Education: Doctoral Program website.