Student Cub & Organizations

CEIS Council

C.E.I.S. Council is responsible for overseeing the five clubs of the college. Council functions as the central representative body of student organizations and ASI within the College of Education and Integrative Studies. 

Gender, Ethnic & Multicultural Studies (GEMS) Club

GEMS Club exists to create a safe space for Cal Poly Pomona students by welcoming anyone regardless of their identities. In this space we educate each other and the campus about social justice/community issues and work together to create a better future for those to come.

Interdisciplinary General Education Student Organization (IGESO)

IGESO is an organization created by IGE students for IGE students. The mascot is a platypus named Leonardo, after the polymath Leonardo Da Vinci. Leonardo the platypus symbolizes the interweaving of disciplines between the arts and sciences. 

Liberal Studies Club

Our club seeks to give Liberal Studies students a greater sense of community, practical experiences in the educational field, and fun opportunities to serve local communities.