Undergraduate Majors

Gender, Ethnic, and Multicultural Studies Major (GEMS)

The Ethnic & Women's Studies Department currently offers a bachelors of arts degree in Gender, Ethnic, and Multicultural Studies (GEMS). The GEMS Major BA Option has six concentrations: African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Chicano/Latino Studies, Native American Studies, and Women's Studies. Students can also major in the GEMS Major Precredential option. Students may also choose to minor in any of the six concentrations. GEMS graduates are now to be found in many graduate programs and walks of life, including teaching, social work, human resources, counseling, business, law, non-profit organizations, and public service.

Visit the GEMS program website to learn more. 

Liberal Studies Major

The Liberal Studies Department currently offers a bachelors of arts degree in Liberal Studies. The Liberal Studies Major has two options: General Studies and Pre-Teaching. The General Studies option is a broad liberal arts education that allows students to partially design the degree to their interests and passions. The Pre-Teachign option is taken to gain the subject matter knowledge to prepare for the California State Exam for Teachers (CSET) for those interested in becoming elementary education teachers; the current four options BA Credential,  Pre-Credential, and the Bilingual options for each are subsumed in this option.

Visit the Liberal Studies website to learn more. 

Early Childhood Studies

CEIS is one of the few college in the CSU system to offer a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Studies. The ECS program is distinctive in that the major emphasizes on the first eight years of life and the significance of this period in children’s overall development. Program graduates are prepared to work with infants and toddlers, preschoolers, transitional kindergarten, and the early primary school years.

Visit the Early Childhood Studies website to learn more.