College of the Extended University

About Us

Our Mission Statement

"Extending Opportunity Through Education and Innovation"

Cal Poly Pomona's College of the Extended University is a dynamic and responsive enterprise that designs and delivers a wide variety of educational programs to its many constituencies. The College of the Extended University continues to serve as a vehicle for building partnerships and collaborative relationships through community involvement, economic development, resource development and program development with business and industry. With continuing economic and social shifts in California, the College of the Extended University has placed particular emphasis on helping today's workforce gain the needed skills and knowledge necessary to compete successfully. We deliver programs to a wide community that extends from our own campus in Pomona, to local and national audiences, and to new expanding international venues. We are committed to helping you stay abreast of advancing technologies, trends, and skills needed to participate as a productive member of the next century's workforce.

The College of the Extended University at Cal Poly Pomona is a learning-centered community committed to academic excellence, dedicated to educating our students for positions of leadership, focused on addressing the challenges and opportunities within our region and throughout the state, and confident that we will emerge as a national and international leader in higher education.

Our Vision Statement

The Vision of the College of the Extended University is to:

  • Provide online/distance/on-site education
  • Offer a wide variety of credit courses to working adults
  • Be a leader in (virtual) technology
  • Offer solutions to real world problems
  • Become a leader in global education


The College of the Extended University (CEU) is the educational outreach tool for the university providing career enhancement courses, professional development certificates, advanced degrees and customized training programs for today’s adult learners. Each year, new college graduates, working professionals and mid-career managers select our courses and degree programs because of our Learn by Doing approach and our expert instructors who bring real-world experience and business solutions into the classroom.

Our students come from a variety of industries and professions. As a result, we offer a wide range of program areas to choose from. Our flexible evening and weekend course schedules help make attending class more convenient for those with full-time jobs. We also offer a wide range of career training and instructor-led online classes for students who prefer to learn at their own pace – when and where it is most convenient.

Individuals who wish to try out a new area of study, or those who want to finish their degree or change career fields, are able to choose from hundreds of academic credit courses offered through the Open University program. Participation in this program requires no formal admission to the university and credits earned are transferable to other CSU and UC campuses.

Working in collaboration with local and regional employers and government agencies, the CEU provides customized training programs to meet the immediate needs of today’s workforce and tomorrow’s leaders.  We also offer the same type of customizable training to international professionals from around the world through our Global Education Programs. The CEU, in collaboration with the International Center, further fulfills its mission by offering an extensive variety of Study Abroad options year-round for students who wish to engage in international or multi-cultural studies.

No matter what your educational need, the College of the Extended University is Your Avenue to Success.


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