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CEU Employee Volunteers Abroad with the Project Vietnam Foundation

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Sylvia Nguyen, accountant at the College of the Extended University, recently visited volunteered with The Project Vietnam Foundation, a non-profit organization established in 1996, on a recent volunteer trip in March 2019. This purpose of the trip was to provide free medical and dental care for the people of rural and underserved areas in central Vietnam.

Ms. Nguyen shared, “I was amazed to meet so many people from all over the world whose sole purpose is to donate their time and talents to help the less fortunate.  In a span of two weeks, the group had provided cleft lip and palate repair surgery, dental services (cleaning, filling, and extraction), and primary care for more than 3,800 people ranging in age from 8 months  to 92 years old. We did the best that we could under several constraints and the political environment that we are in.  Somedays, I was exhausted; but I constantly reminded myself for the reason I came here in the first place - to help others who desperately need it and in many cases this might be the only medical attention they may receive during their life time.”


Vietnam Project Helper
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