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Ms. Suzy Sharweed, CSU San Bernardino, visits CEU CPELI

Ali, Sharweed, Lesho standing in front of CPELI building

CPELI was pleased to invite Ms. Suzy Sharweed to Cal Poly Pomona. Ms. Sharweed serves as the Academic Coordinator at the English Language Program at CSU San Bernardino. During her visit, Ms. Sharweed observed CPELI classes, participated in a CPELI teacher's meeting, and exchanged ideas with her counterpart, Ms. Sakeena Ali, CPELI Academic Program Coordinator. Ms. Sharweed's visit to Cal Poly Pomona followed a visit by Ms. Ali to San Bernardino earlier in the 2015-16 academic year. CPELI hopes to support future exchange opportunities to encourage collaboration with its partners within the CSU system.