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The Global Education Institute welcomes 142 students for their new SIELP

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Global Education Institute (GEI) at the College of the Extended University launched a Student Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Leadership Program (SIELP) starting on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019. GEI is excited to welcome 142 international students and teachers from 13 different Chinese universities to engage in this two-week-long program in three concurrent cohorts on campus.

During the program, the participating students will attend classes that will help them develop their business skills, leadership skills, communication strategies, and understand our interconnected world. The students will gain valuable information about innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership through lectures, workshops and visits. This program is a joint effort among the College of the Extended University, College of Business Administration, and iLab. GEI keeps Cal Poly Pomona’s mission of “Learn by Doing” at the core of all its learning. The participating students will not only attend classes, but also conduct a final project that will highlight their newly acquired skills upon the program completion. They will also have the opportunities to meet and interact with Cal Poly students on a daily basis. In the past, SIELP students and Cal Poly students built deep friendship and learned a lot about each other and their respective cultures. It is also a great opportunity for local Cal Poly students to enhance their cultural awareness and global competency.

SEILP always strives to enhance the cultural and academic experience of the visiting international students. Just like past SIELP programs, GEI staff and program assistants ensure that all the participating students will return home with everlasting fond memories and deep friendship upon the program completion.